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All The EGGsperience,

Zero Hens

We Made 100% Plantbased Eggs

Better for you

Similar nutritional profile with no cholesterol and one third of saturated fat.

Better for the planet

Much more sustainable, really lower carbon footprint and no risk of pathogen transmission like bird flu.

Better for the animals

We leave hens and chickens out of the equation, so we save millions of animals from suffering every day.

Our Liquid EGG

Our liquid egg is perfect for sweet and savory preparations. Works everywhere an animal egg would.

Other Formats of EGG

Can you imagine an egg benedict with a melting yolk, but 100% plantbased. Stop imagining and enjoy it.

We are driven by values

We are on a mission to bring the healthiest, most sustainable, and best-tasting plant-based egg option to all the places where animal eggs are now. Do you wanna join us??

Do you want to try our PlantBased Eggs?

We are working to bring you our WEVOs very soon. Leave us your details and we will notify you when they are available.